"Excellence in diversity"

The Group believes the power of diversification leads to a greater vision in business. Having considered the various business sectors and the investment involved, the Group made a decision to diversify into property development, a sector which was already flourishing at the time the decision was made.

The Group expanded into property development in late 1995 with the acquisition of Sinmah Development Sdn Bhd (SDSB). SDSB and its subsidiaries have already fully built and sold houses on land located at Bukit Katil, Melaka. The Bukit Katil project comprised of 1,473 units of mixed residential and commercial units.

Currently, SDSB is developing a piece of vacant leasehold land held under No. H.S. (D) No. 43175, No. P.T. 2113, Mukim Krubong, Daerah Melaka Tengah, Negeri Melaka measuring approximately 24.282 hectares, comprising 711 units of mixed development.

Holding strong to its philosophy of "Excellence in diversity", the Group's commitment to quality houses and commercial buildings is highlighted when SDSB attained its ISO 9002 certification on 11 October 2002, and was later upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 on 18 December 2002.